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New Web Site Launched

Jean Harmison  | Published on 6/23/2014

The Eaglesgate Community Association has a new Web site. The address remains the same but the site has been redesigned, expanded four-fold, updated, made even more navigable, and tailored for different types of users.

All of the original material has been retained, but even that content has been “refreshed” and expanded. Now, there are special sections so that users can click on a tab at the top and go directly to a section containing material specific to the following interests:

Prospective Owners
Closing Companies & Realtors
Contractors & Vendors.

The left menu provides the following content:

General (FAQ, Highlights of Covenants, Contact information, ECA Board of Directors, and Design Review Committee
Important Information (another path to the five tabs)
Events (the community calendar)
News & Events (recent news and notices for residents)
Slide show (with a dozen new photos)

Each click offers up information for current and new residents: covenants highlights, dues and fees, how to contact the Board and the Design Review Committee, how to request a remodeling project, how to file a complaint. And much more for builders, contractors, realtors and others who need information about Eaglesgate.

Another new feature, the Document Library, contains the full Covenants, the development guidelines, forms used by residents and others, and maps, including a new one of the neighborhood showing which lots are occupied, where construction is going on, and where vacant lots are located.

The re-design work was done by Linden A. Mueller of Club Management Services.

We invite you to explore the site soon at

Please send any suggestions or questions by email to Paul McMasters at

The ECA Board